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Sales training - szkolenie sprzedażowe w języku angielskim

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Opis szkolenia

These days, buyers are pushing sellers down in the process of buying as it becomes harder for organizations to give shape to value and justify prices. If salesmen do not have a clear knowledge of how the solutions proffered by their organization will solve real business problems faced by clients, they might fall into the trap of commoditization and they will resort to price concessions during the sales process. Our sales training program will teach sellers how to use sales dialogue to place solutions so that sales negotiations will result in deals that will benefit both buyer and seller.

It is more pertinent than ever that sellers preserve price while retaining strong relationships.

Make the best use of your position, do not give away much too early and achieve the results you are aiming for. 

Cel szkolenia

Objectives of the program

After the sales training program is completed, all participants will experience tremendous boosts in their ability to:

·         Understand the differences between negotiating and selling and maximizing the potential of both.

·         Use suitable negotiable framework and skills to prepare for, drive and finish win-win negotiation dialogues at every single stage of a sales process.

·         Improve efficiency at handling objections and price resistance.

·         Convert client demands into needs creatively

·         Position your value more efficiently and persuade clients to see concessions as more worthwhile options

·         Close negotiations in ways that maintain momentum, solidifying accomplishments while paving the way for successful and smooth implementations of projects. 

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Plan szkolenia

Make the best use of your position, do not give away much too early and achieve the results you are aiming for. 

Sales training will teach sellers all the necessary skills needed for negotiating deals that are beneficial to both parties. It will also help them to boost long lasting relationships. In this training program, sellers will learn the following:

·         How to justify the value that a solution will provide to a client

·         How to improve the quality of negotiations with a client to make them more effective

·         How to discover the full range of terms and conditions of a client

·         How to hold back control by trading logically with clients

·         How to resolve resistance and pricing objections without conceding in a client focused manner

·         How to understand strategies and procurement’s drivers so as to work efficiently with strategic purchasers

All who participate in the sales training program will learn the best practices in sales and will learn a framework that is perfect for composing dialogue from preparation to closing and increase their ability to see negotiations from the point of view of a client as they seek to convert demands to needs and learn how to dig deeper to understand what drives the priorities and the personal agenda of a client. Once participants unravel and understand these needs, they will use value justification to create outcomes that will benefit both buyer and seller by avoiding a concession while getting their worth.

Benefits of the program

There are so many benefits that can be gained from improving the sales skills. Some of the benefits are:

·         Creating profitable relationships with clients

·         Creating greater client loyalty and trust while reinforcing your position to win opportunities in the future.

·         Collection of fees that have been left on the table

·         Avoiding the pressure of discount fees in a difficult economy

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